Personal Development Tips

Personal development tips

Organise your time

Time seems to get in the way when considering making lifestyle changes. When are you going to develop all these new skills or hobbies if you spend all your time at work? How can you spend more time with your family?

Whatever the reason, you need to evaluate how you currently spend your time. Knowing how you manage your time will encourage you to make changes and find the process less stressful.

Tips to manage your time more effectively can include:

  • Saying “no” to extra responsibilities at work that require you to stay late.
  • Make a list of tasks you need to complete; organisation is key in time management.
  • Recognise your most productive time of the day – complete the most demanding tasks during this time.
  • Try to spend at least one hour after work doing something you enjoy.

Overcome obstacles

Enhancing your current skills, or learning new ones can empower you as a person and increase the opportunities available to you. However, we all have things that can prevent us from doing so.

Record your journey

During this time, keep a journal or a diary, or even a sketchbook. Keep a record of your journey; write down any key events, developments or achievements as they happen so you can reflect on these later. Having a record of these achievements may even encourage you to learn more skills in the future.

Personal development techniques

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses – The first step in personal growth and development is identifying the strengths and weaknesses in each area of your life. If you wish to develop yourself personally, then the first thing you need to know is what you want to develop.

Goal setting and skill development – Developing yourself and building confidence is all about recognising your achievements, however big or small. Day-to-day challenges can sometimes make us feel unsuccessful, but recognising and praising yourself for the small things will help this. Try to view life as a series of small challenges where each journey you make has its own achievements. Recognise these and you will start to develop a more positive perspective.

Setting personal goals is a great way to start growing. Make a list once a month, or once a week and try to tick off most of the goals you have given yourself. They don’t have to be big, start with simple goals such as donating to charity or organising your home – just remember to applaud yourself when you have achieved each goal.

Tracking your achievements – As mentioned above, recognising your successes will build your confidence and self-worth. You may find your life coach suggests you keep a personal development diary. This will be for you to record your thoughts and feelings about each journey you make in life. Having a record of your feelings toward different events will help you to evaluate your behaviour and how to improve it.

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