Benefits of Working with a Isaac

How do personal development sessions work?

Personal development is about increasing your self-awareness. Isaac aim to pull out your strengths and weaknesses in order to identify the potential that already exists within you. This is often accomplished through a series of questions designed to help you recognize, accept and build upon your strengths and weaknesses.

In a sense, developing the self is like a spring clean. When cleaning your home, you will often go through each room, examining old memories and belongings, deciding whether you need them or not. Similarly, personal development is a way of improving one’s life by evaluating aspects of the self and putting them in order.

A life coach may not necessarily offer direct advice and they will not tell you exactly what to do. What they will do is offer guidance and support through personal development plans and strategies, in order for you to practise effective self-help at home.

These personalised plans will help you to begin the journey towards success and happiness. A personal development coach will also:

  • Ask questions in order to guide you to an answer.
  • Encourage deep thoughts about how you are living your life and the changes you want to make.
  • Challenge your thoughts by identifying inconsistencies.
  • Support you through difficult decisions.
  • Assist you with creating and following your personalised plan.
  • Help you to create strategies and reach your goals.

What to expect from personal development coaching

If you are considering a personal development coaching session, you should expect to be given the opportunity to assess your emotional well-being and how you are progressing in life. You will consider whether you are happy, whether you are reaching your goals, your state of mind and your relationships.

This process of self-assessment is to help you learn and recognise where you want to be in life and how you can get there. With the help of Isaac you will devise a plan, set a goal strategy and determine the best ways for you to achieve them. Isaac will not be there to judge you or make your decisions, he will use clever and careful questions to help you raise your awareness and recognise what issues may need to be focused on.

Is personal development coaching for me?

For a personal development plan to help you, you have to feel ready to start making these changes and be willing to put the effort in to achieve them. To discover whether personal development coaching is for you, consider these questions:

  • Do you need a specific skill to advance further in life?
  • Do you wish you had better communication skills?
  • Do you want to become more confident?
  • Do you want to be more motivated?
  • Do you want to be happier?

The way you approach or deal with a situation will determine the way it turns out. For example if you are having problems at work, you may need to develop or improve certain skills. Maybe you need to build self-confidence, be more motivated, control your temper or develop the ability to say yes or no.

Results & Benefits of Working with Isaac

Clients (who could select as many choices as were applicable) said they experienced the following benefits from working with a coach:

  • Better relationship w/ boss, co-workers: 33.3%
  • Increased profitability of business: 17.1%
  • Health or fitness improvement: 33.8%
  • Enhanced communication skills: 39.5%
  • Improvement in quality of life: 43.3%
  • Better family relationship(s): 33.3%
  • Empowered employees: 11.0%
  • Started new business: 12.9%
  • Business turn around: 09.0%
  • Setting better goals: 62.4%
  • More balanced life: 60.5%
  • Lower stress levels: 57.1%
  • Project completion: 35.7%
  • Increased energy: 31.9%
  • Stopped a bad habit: 25.7%
  • Change in career: 24.3%
  • More free time: 22.9%
  • Self-awareness: 67.6%
  • More income: 25.7%
  • Self-discovery: 52.9%
  • Self-confidence: 52.4%
  • More fun: 31.9%